1. Electronic Manufacturing Services
    Our one-stop Electronic Manufacturing Services provide end-to-end solutions and products for both commercial and consumer electronics sectors including smart devices, home/office automation, security, lighting, wireless control and networking devices and peripherals. With our innovative and experienced in-house electronic, mechanical and software engineers, highly efficient and flexible production team and skilled workers, our production premises are capable to support production volume for high, medium and small orders to cope with customers’ needs. We are committed to provide highest quality products and services. Our quality professionals have set numerous toll-gates throughout the product procurement cycles; from conceptual design, materials selection, prototyping, testing and evaluation, regulatory compliance, production run to packaging and outgoing inspection.
  2. Sourcing and Supply Chain Management
    We specialize in customized, integrated supply chain solutions for our customers through hands-on management of the entire process - vendor due diligence, competitive costs analysis, product evaluation, packaging designs, quality control, out-going inspection, factory site audit and logistic management. Our customers are eminent and reputable retailers and brands shipping to global markets. We have strong connections with suppliers and broad vendor network base built up through years of industry expertise. We ship wide range of consumer electronic products, from accessories such as sync charge cables and power banks, to drones and Smart TVs in vendors' brands and customers’ owned private label brands.