Sheenway is a professional sourcing, engineering, product development and manufacturing operation, incorporated in Hong Kong.

Sheenway is a professional engineering, sourcing, product development and manufacturing company, incorporated in Hong Kong since 2001. We specialize in developing and manufacturing many different types of consumer electronic products such as smart home systems, lighting control products, RF controlled products, voice controlled products and smartphone accessories, etc… Products are shipped to markets worldwide.
With headquarter in Hong Kong, Sheenway
also has an R&D center in Shenzhen, a software team in Taiwan and business unit in US. Our production facilities are located in Huizhou and Dongguan, China with total number of workers around 1,600. We are a vertically integrated corporation, most of the designs and manufacturing are being done in-house to ensure the quality. It includes product ID design, mechanical design, tooling design, circuit design, component selection, PCB layout design, software design, plastic injection, SMT, product assembling, product testing and quality assurance. We are a member of the Z-Wave Alliance since 2009.
The company’s objective is to provide customized integrated solutions and high quality services and products to our customers. Our management team has an average of 30 years experience or more in the industry in various aspects including sourcing, supply chain management, R&D, manufacturing, quality assurance and logistic. We have good reputation and connections in the industry. With our capability and good services, we have long term relationships with our customers and always have good referrals from our customers.